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What the launch of the Play Station 5 has taught the security industry

18th Jan 2021

If you cast your mind back to November, you might remember the abysmal launch of the PS5 in the UK. I mean, it was hard to miss, especially as it was plastered all over the news for a couple of days, and not for the right reasons either…

The launch of the PlayStation saw gangs of thieves targeting lorries, warehouses, and shops containing the highly anticipated next-generation console. Victims of this crime; Amazon had customers who had bought the console receive something very different… Customers thought they were opening their shiny new PlayStation, instead opened their packages to find items such as nerf guns, dog food, and even an avocado!

After discovering what had happened to many customers, Amazon launched a widespread investigation. This investigation concluded an inside job – warehouse staff had been stealing and replacing the consoles with random items. But what can this teach the security industry?

5 security solutions warehouses should invest in

When deciding on a security system for a warehouse, it’s important to think about internal and external security measures to keep the property protected. Thieves can operate anywhere at any time and, as the example above demonstrates, could be those you least expect. Let us look at a few security options:

Detecting unwanted visitors

Having a modern intruder detection solution as part of your security system can help to safeguard your inventory by offering many ways in which you can catch, delay, and stop thieves from stealing from you. Glass break detectors, seismic vibration sensors, and laser detection are options providing early detection of intruders. Early detection results in a quicker alert response to a break-in making these clever bits of kit a must in a security solution.

Let there be light! 

Investing in lighting solutions for a warehouse can be hugely beneficial as most thieves like to operate in the dark. Lights are a simple but effective way of discouraging criminal activity. Installing the right lighting solution will have intruders lit up like a deer in headlights and deter them from your premises.

Hey! Who goes there?

Another great solution to install in a warehouse security system is an audio speaker or sounder which can be triggered by motion. A solution like this can be used to communicate a warning to thieves by sounding an alarm or relaying a message that informs thieves they are intruding on private property and are being watched.

Always watching…

CCTV is an essential solution for any organisation and is another very effective instrument in deterring thieves as well as allowing businesses to record evidence to aid prosecutions. Many warehouses may opt for onsite security guards; however, CCTV is a cheaper solution that can monitor extensive areas 24/7 and be managed remotely.

Controlling all areas

An access control system is vital in a warehouse environment, as CCTV is not a sufficient security measure to monitor potential in-house thieves. Access control systems allow you to restrict admittance and keep a permanent trail of where your personnel are.

Multi-layered warehouse security 

Choosing to install a basic security system to protect a warehouse will be highly ineffective. Deterring thieves is only half of the problem, so it’s best practice to take all the potential solutions into account and build a multi-layered security system that will not only deter thieves but will stop them in their tracks.