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February 20, 2024

How you can offer more than just protection with today’s security solutions

Increasingly in the UK, security solutions are being employed to fulfill requirements other than security. This is a trend that provides interesting opportunities for installers with plenty of potential for revenue growth and increased customer satisfaction.

Technology and applications are advancing at such a pace that it is now possible to employ a security system to carry out a raft of functions. It could help you maintain health and safety while improving operational efficiency while still delivering security.

In particular, video surveillance as well as intruder solutions are no longer being employed solely to protect people and property. To a lesser but still notable extent, access control applications are also evolving.

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January 17, 2024

Navigating the Future Landscape of Security Systems Distribution

The security solutions industry can be a complex one, with a supply chain made up of multiple different parts. Distribution companies within this sector continue to play a pivotal role in helping the industry adapt to both changing customer needs and supply chain disruption.

Norbain is one of the UK’s most successful distributors of IP Video, CCTV, Access Control, and Intruder Detection solutions. We spoke to their Managing Director, Mark Field, who took over the reins almost 3 years ago now, to find out Norbain’s views on the complexities and opportunities for the distribution landscape.

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January 2, 2024

A Guide to Intruder Alarm Grading

Intruder alarms are graded according to their level of security and reliability. The grading system is most commonly used in the UK and Europe and is outlined in the European Standard EN 50131. There are four main grades to help users and installers select an appropriate level of security for a given application.  

Anologue CCTV Vs IP CCTV
December 13, 2023

Should I replace my analogue CCTV system with an IP digital solution?

It’s almost 30 years since Axis Communication invented the world’s first network video surveillance camera. To many in the security solutions industry, this signaled the beginning of the end for analogue CCTV systems.

There was a seemingly better way – superior image quality and coverage, coupled with reduced cabling and wireless capability, saw the industry embracing IP digital video surveillance solutions and hanging up on their analogue devices. But analogue refused to die.

So, answering the question ‘Which security system is a better option?’ doesn’t always have a straightforward answer. Let’s discuss further...

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November 24, 2023

Do Home Alarm Systems Really Deter Burglars?

The initial financial outlay of home security systems can sometimes be enough to cast a little doubt in the mind as to whether they really are worth it. Yes, the technology can be expensive and installing it can be a bit of a nuisance, but is it all worth it for the peace of mind? Can you really put a price on the safety of your home, your contents and your family? We have taken a look at some of the facts, products and systems that will answer that question, "are home alarms systems a real deterrent to burglars?".

The Norbain Festival 2023: The After-film
July 18, 2023

The Norbain Festival 2023: The After-film

The Norbain Festival 2023: The After-film! Our second annual Norfest went down a treat with suppliers, customers, and our staff! Keep your eyes peeled for Norbain Festival 2024 tickets!

Viewing a PVMs recording via computer
July 17, 2023

What is a public viewing monitor?

Picture this, you’re in your local supermarket, you’ve just spotted yourself on a little monitor, you're thinking "what on earth is that?" Well, it’s a public viewing monitor, or PVM for short. PVMs are used in a variety of applications but are most commonly used in supermarkets to monitor self-service areas and sometimes even above shop aisles.

Cartoon of Buzz on a blue background dressed as a train driver with a customer exiting a train behind him
November 10, 2022

Why public transport needs to have a security solution installed

This is our Market Opportunities video specifically about security systems in the transport industry. 

Buzz Coates on a blue background with light blue text saying Norbain Basics IP Vs Analogue CCTV
September 14, 2022

IP or Analogue CCTV?

Deciding whether to use IP or analogue? Watch this short video as our security expert, Buzz Coates, breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of using either an IP or analogue CCTV system.

People on a field with festival like structures with Norbain Festival 2022 written in white on top of a blue circle
July 14, 2022

Norbain Festival 2022: The After-film

In June of 2022, we decided to host the industry's first security festival where our suppliers, customers, and employees from up and down the UK could come to meet, chat and chill. 

Watch our YouTube video to find out how two of our customers felt about the event and see what the day entailed.