Pre-configuration web banner - girl configuring cctv cameraPre-configuration web banner - girl configuring cctv camera

Norbain's pre-configuration service

Norbain’s tailored configuration centre offers you the installer a variety of services to make your life easier, including:

IP icon with cogIP icon with cog
Programming of IP addresses into cameras & servers - so devices are present on the network
Installation of software iconInstallation of software icon
Installation of software onto servers
Configured products linking to each other - CCTV to NVT=RConfigured products linking to each other - CCTV to NVT=R
Configuration of software/NVR to communicate with cameras
Camera stream iconCamera stream icon
Setting up camera streams for quality & rate in line with client requirements
Configuration of software/NVR to record streams
multiple cameras on one dvrmultiple cameras on one dvr
Delivery of camera & equipment schematics detailing IP address and MAC address

Get in touch with your Norbain Account Manager directly to request tailored pre-configuration services, or use the form on the Contact Us page to discuss your requirements.