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Is your CCTV installation compromised?

The CCTV sector has seen huge growth and change in recent years with improved camera technology and analytic software to provide total surveillance and detection coverage.

With the rise of PoE and PoC CCTV systems, NVRs are used to provide power up to 64 cameras which centralises the standby power demand for the entire CCTV system, therefore requiring a higher capacity of standby power.

This has led to systems being installed with little or NO standby power, commonly with underrated UPS devices designed for IT servers, only offering a “soft shut down”; providing just minutes of standby power, when power is lost.

Elmdene is leading the way in providing cost-effective solutions to enable 4 HOURS back up to critical CCTV systems. The 4HR UPS™ Range is a cost effective solution to provide extended battery back up time, meaning security systems no longer need to be compromised!

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Elmdene International is a world class manufacturer of ancillary security products with specific expertise in power supplies for the security, access control, CCTV, fire and IP industries.

Established in 1963 with our manufacturing plant based in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, our range continues to grow with the introduction of new products designed to meet the changing needs to the industry, customers and end users.

Over 50 years of Innovation

With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Security products, Elmdene is a reliable choice.

Elmdene have specialist sales and product teams that can advise on products and solutions as well as an established in-house innovation team to ensure products fit in with future market needs.

Green Credentials

Being energy-efficient is a key consideration for Elmdene, having introduced new Switch Mode power supplies, as well as expanding on existing ranges with this more efficient technology.

As well as being energy efficient, Elmdene products are designed and developed with the end-user in mind, using the highest specification components to guarantee “fit and forget” solutions.

Dedication to Quality 

Accredited to BS EN9001 for quality management system and compliant to ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management, Elmdene work to meet the requirements of quality and technical standards from around the world.

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