Market Opportunities

Cartoon of Buzz on a blue background dressed as a train driver with a customer exiting a train behind him
November 10, 2022

Why public transport needs to have a security solution installed

This is our Market Opportunities video specifically about security systems in the transport industry. 

A cartoon on pocket-size Buzz in a suit singing into a microphone on a purple background with white text saying Market Opportunities: Town Centres
June 23, 2022

Modernising security solutions in town centres

As the UK’s town centres re-invent themselves in order to provide a positive experience for today’s visitors, security solutions need to modernise to support this changing dynamic too.

Pink background with a cartoon pocket-size Buzz in a burglar outfit
March 30, 2022

Security systems in retail & business parks

What kind of security solution would be used for a large-scale area like a business park? Find out more here and discover the potential opportunities for security installations in these environments. 

Cartoon of pocket-size Buzz as a checkout employee on a pink background with white text saying Market Opportunities  retail and distribution
February 23, 2022

Security systems in retail & distribtion centres

An overview of what trends, technologies, and opportunities there are in the retail and distribution markets for security integrators. A great resource for anyone looking to find new business and explore new revenues in the security sector.