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Why offering Remote Security Solutions will future proof your business

8th Oct 2020

Up until the coronavirus pandemic hit the world back in the early spring of this year (March 2020), cloud-based security solutions were a steadily growing market.

Now, they’ve taken on a whole new meaning as businesses rapidly re-assess how they operate in light of COVID-19, re-evaluating everything from security management and occupancy control to space requirements, social distancing and health & safety practices.

So what do we mean by ‘cloud based’ or ‘remote’ security solutions exactly and why has it become imperative for the UK Security Industry to offer them?

The benefit of the cloud

This article explores the benefits of remote and outlines the advantages of including Remote Solutions in your portfolio. In a nutshell, as an installer or security management company, they offer the opportunity to increase profit margins, enhance efficiency and create a recurring revenue stream. And future proof your business.

The cloud allows you to manage servicing remotely, which can reduce costs whilst also enhancing productivity. It gives you the potential to assess your headcount more accurately and become more agile – so you’re more likely to win those security contracts in the first place. You can offer a flexible solution that clients see real value in which can also help you increase your profits. Of course, it also allows for remote management, and thus no requirement to physically access a client’s site – a huge plus in the current environment.

The cloud doesn’t just provide a secure data repository, it also offers users a powerful management tool.  This means that the solutions can be managed off-site and outsourced to a specialist security management provider, allowing organisations to focus on their core business.

As their security partner, you’d be able to offer much more than just the annual onsite check-up required by insurance. With a remote solution, you could offer your customers stress free management of their entire intruder detection, access control and video solution. You could also provide regular system health-checks, execute requested changes swiftly and diagnose issues, all without setting foot on the customer’s premises.

All this can allow you to plan your resources, focus your engineer’s workloads and respond effectively to emergencies. And there can be significant cost savings too, removing the need to install, maintain and upgrade an on-site IT infrastructure and replacing it with a scalable, flexible ‘Service as a Solution’ managed offering.

But there’s been one concern which pops up time and again for business owners and security installers alike. Cyber Security. How can cloud or remote security solutions actually be as or more secure than traditional physical security systems?

 How safe is any cloud-based solution?

It’s a common misconception that data stored in the cloud is less secure than on a physical NVR. Cyber security protocol means that the cloud-based solutions available offer a flexible, layered security perimeter against multiple types of attacks.

With a remote security solution, since there is no physical recording device onsite, it can’t be physically stolen, making the surveillance system more secure. It also means that the data is easier for your customer, or you as an authorised individual, to access – at any time and from anywhere.

If someone has tampered with entry/exit points or cameras, it will alert you at any time if there is an attempt to bypass or break it, allowing you to react instantly on behalf of your client.

By the same token, a cloud-based system is ‘self-monitoring’ so will tell you if there is an issue, for example with a camera or video feed, that you can then resolve promptly.

Plus, with more people working from home than ever, it solves your very real challenge of how to minimise your engineers’ infection risk whilst resolving a residential or commercial system defect. You’ll either be able to fix it remotely, or pinpoint where the problem is before you arrive and arrange a mutually convenient resolution.

What’s in it for me?

Remember that, from an installer or security management company’s point of view, Remote Solutions offer an opportunity to increase profit margins, enhance efficiency and create a recurring revenue stream.

In addition, installing a remote solution can be simpler and more cost effective with less physical pieces of equipment and wires to patch together.

Once you’re managing a remote security solution, there are multiple benefits:

  • Management: as a virtual engineer, the majority of tasks that would have required a site visit can now be fixed remotely. Resulting in reduced costs through efficient time management.
  • Cost saving: Reduced workforce requirements, less engineer site visits and reduced fleet requirements and fuel costs.
  • Recurring Revenue Opportunity: In addition to the initial installation, you’ll be managing the client’s remote security solution including hosting and ongoing maintenance.
  • Opportunity to cross-sell: maintenance contracts, health checks, other additional products/services from across your security portfolio.
  • Quick solution: No waiting to find out what the problem is or lengthy visits to the customer’s premises, advanced system monitoring and health checks will notify you as they arise.
  • Access benefits: there is no need to physically access to a business premises and a home-owner doesn’t need to be home. The beauty of a remote solution is that most maintenance or analytical tasks no longer require site access. And when you do need to go onsite, you’ll have more information at your fingertips, causing less inconvenience for customers, plus it can be more easily planned.
  • Enhanced efficiency: you can react more quickly. For example, for Intruder contracts requiring a 4 hours response time remote solutions offer a massive advantage.
  • Customer satisfaction: quicker solutions and reduced response time.

The possibilities are almost endless, with peace of mind for end users, confidence in a fully operational system and increased operational efficiencies for you.

In Summary

The reasons for considering a Remote Security Solution are numerous. But with the changing landscape of how businesses will operate as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic and its effect on how we live and work, it’s prudent for all businesses to consider such systems right now.

Whether we like it or not, how we do business has changed forever, with many considerations being catapulted into view. And so the security solutions we offer must also adapt to ensure we can support our clients’ changing needs.

The good news is, Remote Security Solutions offer a very real opportunity for installers to future-proof their own businesses, sell more, increase profitability and enhance efficiency.

Norbain’s experienced and knowledgeable security team can offer advice and support on what solutions are available to suit most business’ needs. We also understand that every business is unique and some solutions can’t be delivered in a box. That’s why we have Solutions Specialists to provide you with ongoing support as your key technology partner, help define project roadmaps and work with you in optimising technology investments.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.