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Multi-sensor CCTV cameras

Multi-Sensor Cameras allow installers and end customers to realise significant cost savings in terms of time, money, and efficiency. And, you can see around corners!

Find out why they’re perfect for the physical security demands of Distribution Centres, Stadiums, Car Parks, Shopping Centres, Universities, and much more.

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A short introduction with Pocket-size Buzz to Multi-Sensor or Multi-Directional Cameras, explaining the different lens options and their applications.

Understand the options in more detail, along with the many benefits of Multi-Sensor Cameras.

Gordon Visgandis provides an excellent overview of how this exciting technology works and the opportunities it affords the installer along with the end customer.

Are multi-sensor cameras worth it?

Multi-sensor camera on a houseMulti-sensor camera on a house

Our article explains in detail the different sensor options to consider and suggests applications for them. It outlines the benefits and implications too. 

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Norbain partners with some of the market leaders within the security industry to provide a range of Multi-Sensor Camera solutions.

Speak with your Norbain Account manager to find out more, or contact us.

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