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Wireless connections for Security Installations

If you can't dig a trench or something is blocking the way, a wireless solution may be the most cost-effective option for deploying your security system. But remember to consider important rules, watch & read on to find out more.

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Pocket-size Buzz introduces the important things to remember with wireless security solutions along with a few practical applications.

This great video - developed in partnership with wireless experts Siklu - explains why wireless technology is a powerful & reliable option for today's world.

In our TechTalk video, Buzz Coates explains in more detail the different scenarios where wireless solutions can be considered along with examples of where Norbain have seen growth in recent years

What you should know about wireless connectivity

Wireless security solution a poleWireless security solution a pole

Providing more choice and greater flexibility when designing security solutions, this article outlines how installers can benefit from understanding Integration & set themselves up for success.

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Norbain can advise you and your end customer on Wireless Security Solutions available in the marketplace and which options would be best suited to your needs.  Speak with your Norbain Account manager, or contact us.

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