Aritech Programmable Seismic Detector, Including Form A Relay Board

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The VV700 is the first fully digital seismic detector using a microprocessor that gives 100% digital signal analysis. That means the VV700 is completely adaptable for all types of applications, without any compromises in detection ability. As the detector is programmed on site, it can be perfectly adapted to the environment and eliminate false alarms. With this new technology the detector allow room for several different signal analysis programmes in the same hardware which previously only allowed for one. This makes the VV700 to a fully universal detector suitable for all known applications like safes, vaults, vault doors, ATM's, Night Safe Deposit Boxes, weapon stores etc. Superior Detection - The seismic detector reacts to the characteristic vibration patterns of all breaking-and-entering tools, such as hammers, drills, diamond saws, hydraulic pressure tools and thermal tools like welding torch and thermal lance. It sense vibrations that occur with a 3 to 14 meter radius of where they are mounted, depending on the material and design of the protected object. - Universal seismic detector - Digital signal processing - Special configuration program SCM700 - Programmable on site equal 100% flexibility - Easy programming from laptop - Special analysing software for on-site performance measurements
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Detector Type Seismic
Wired Or Wireless Wired
Part Number VV700RA
Brand Aritech (UTC)
Category Intruder, Intruder Detectors