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Double End Push PA (White, +Resistors)


Double End Push PA (White, +Resistors)

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The PA2EWR is a double end push latching panic button. 4 terminals are provided in the housing for wiring as a supervised loop or as a traditional 4-wire PA. This is the plain white unit.

Tamper protection is provided by a microswitch tamper, which detects when the lid is removed. The tamper circuit runs through the base to detect removal from the fitting surface.

This PA comes complete with integral resistors, configured by shunt selection:

EOL Resistors: 1k, 2k2, 4k1, 4k7, 5k6.
Alm Resistors: 1k, 2k2, 4k1, 4k7, 5k6, 6k8.

These resistors cover the majority of leading panel manufacturers including Honeywell, Texecom, HKC, Risco etc. Use of the resistors is optional.

A header for switching the contact between N/O and N/C is provided. A multi-contact header allows for 2 or more PA2xxR panic buttons to share a single zone.

This panic button triggers via a lever microswitch, activated by the downward motion of the slide mechanism. When pushed, the switch circuit is broken, providing the alarm signal. Both buttons must be pressed to send the alarm signal.

Once pushed, this panic button can be reset using the provided key.

Dimensions: 84x65x26mm.

Several variants of this button are available:

PA2EW – Double end push (white)
PA2SW – Double side push (white)
PA2SWR – Double side push (white +resistors)
PA2ES – Double end push (black, steel fascia)
PA2ESR – Double end push (black, steel fascia +resistors)
PA2SS – Double side push (black, steel fascia)
PA2SSR – Double side push (black, steel fascia +resistors)

  • Latching
  • Microswitch tamper protection
  • NO / NC interchangeable
  • Reset key provided
  • Integral resistors

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Double End Push PA (White

Double End Push PA (White, +Resistors)

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