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4 Button Confirmable PA (White, +Resistors)


4 Button Confirmable PA (White, +Resistors)

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The PA4W is a 4 button, confirmable panic button. 8 terminals are provided in the housing for wiring. This unit is plain white.

Note that this unit requires a 12V supply to operate and must be wired to two distinct zones in the security panel to make use of the confirmable output.

Tamper protection is provided by a microswitch tamper, which detects when the lid is removed. The circuit is also run around a PCB fitting hole. The PCB will snap when the unit is pulled from the surface, providing back tamper protection.

This PA comes complete with integral resistors for both outputs, configured by shunt selection:

EOL Resistors: 1k, 2k2, 4k1, 4k7, 5k6.
Alm Resistors: 1k, 2k2, 4k1, 4k7, 5k6, 6k8.

These resistors cover the majority of leading panel manufacturers including Honeywell, Texecom, HKC, Risco etc. Use of the resistors is optional, and each output can be configured differently if necessary.

The PA4 can be configured as confirmable, where button presses sequentially activate the outputs regardless of the order pressed. The unit can also behave as a regular PA, with the end / side buttons tied to a particular output.

This panic button triggers via a buttons acting on microswitches. When pushed, outputs are triggered by on-board software depending on the configuration. Both buttons in a set (side or end) must be pressed to send the alarm signal. A PCB header is provided for switching the unit between latching and non-latching.

Once pushed, this panic button can be reset using the provided key.

An LED indicator is provided to display activation information, low power indication and a pulsing comfort light. LED output is configurable on the PCB.

Dimensions: 84x65x26mm.

Also available in black with a stainless steel fascia – use part code PA4S.

  • Latching/non-latching configurable
  • Microswitch tamper protection, with back tamper
  • Confirmable output
  • Integral resistors
  • Reset key provided
  • LED indicator

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4 Button Confirmable PA (White

4 Button Confirmable PA (White, +Resistors)

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