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DS-D60C-B HDMI Digital Signage Box

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DS-D60C-B HDMI Digital Signage Box

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  • Variable Materials Supports static and dynamic materials, including the application, pictures, audio, video, PDF, streaming media, webpage, live video, third-party data, etc.
  • Flexible Program Schedule Supports free schedule and district display of multiple materials. Supports variable display modes: display by day, display by week, custom display, etc.
  • Centralized Management Remotely control and manage one or more screens, such as timed startup/shutdown, timed brightness/volume, and screenshot previewing.
  • Organization Feature 5-level organization is available for managing materials, programs, terminals, and users.
  • Multilevel User Permission Supports creating custom users, and allocating permission for users according to user level.
  • Multiple Security Safeguards 3-level check of materials, programs, and schedules to prevent mistake release. Screensaver to secure safe for broadcast contents.
  • Encryption of data storage and transmission to avoid data tampering.
  • Arbitrary Direction Remote Control The remote control, adopting wireless communication in 433 MHz, can control the information distribution box in arbitrary direction.

Supporting Documents

Product Datasheet Download Datasheet

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DS-D60C-B HDMI Digital Signage Box

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