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SR35i/8+8 Segment controller for 8 wired + 8 wireless doors


SR35i/8+8 Segment controller for 8 wired + 8 wireless doors

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The segment controller is the heart of the SiPass Entro system. It processes all the information in the system and stores the complete database. As a result‚ the system is robust‚ easy to maintain and able to operate without a connected PC or server‚ even when SISTORE DVRs are connected to it. The integrated Web server and flash memory port provide the basis for additional online functions that can be customized for specific customer requirements. The integrated dual port switch makes network installation a simple matter.

SiPass Entro segment controller units can communicate using methods such as standard RS485 and TCP/IP networks. These communication channels can be combined as required. Regardless of the physical network used‚ 128-bit encryption is always applied.

Communication between point of administration (e.g. PC-client) and segment controller can be established over RS232‚ modem or TCP/IP networks.

The SR35i comes in four different sizes (door capacities)‚ which makes it very easy to tailor the system to fit the site. A maximum of 16 segment controllers can be used in a single SiPass Entro system.

The SR35i includes built-in RF technology to support online wireless components (currently the RF30-EM Codoor and the RF9 router).

The sizes (door capacities) are 4+4‚ 8+8‚ 16+16 and 32+32‚ meaning that each segment controller can manage the same number of wired doors as wireless doors (e.g. four wired doors and four wireless doors).

  • Ideal for organizations of all sizes
  • Wide range of compatible readers
  • Integrated wireless functionality
  • Integration with Vectis DVRs
  • Extensive range of external controls
  • User-friendly hardware

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SR35i/8+8 Segment controller for 8 wired + 8 wireless doors

SR35i/8+8 Segment controller for 8 wired + 8 wireless doors

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