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Waverley Singers receive early Christmas present from Vista

8th Dec 2015

7th December, Reading UK

Vista, the UK’s most popular brand of CCTV, has donated brand new equipment to The Waverley Singers, based in Farnham, Surrey. Waverley Singers is a charity and supports numerous causes in the community, including Frimley Park Hospital Charity Breast Care Appeal, the NSPCC and the Guildford Cathedral Appeal.

The choral group first contacted Vista concerning their old NCL1400 CCTV camera and monitor, which they’d been operating for the last 20 years. They were looking for a replacement manual as, although the kit was still going strong, a new member of the group had just taken responsibility for its operation and needed some extra support.

Given the age of the equipment, and the work Waverley Singers perform in the community, Vista took the decision to replace the old camera and monitor with their modern counterparts – completely free of charge.

Jeff Ayling, a member of the group who is responsible for operating the equipment, explained: “We perform in a variety of different locations such as churches and cathedrals. These beautiful old structures are ideal for acoustics, but often less so in terms of practicality! We use the camera and monitor to allow the accompanist a view of the conductor when line of site between the two is restricted. We are delighted with Vista’s generous offer and look forward to operating our brand new system at our next concert at St Andrew’s Parish Church, Farnham, on 12th December.”

Bob Forehand, Vista Product Manager, comments: “It’s always great to hear about Vista products still going strong after so many years. We build our kit to last, and this is certainly proof of that! We’ve provided the singers with a new 17” monitor and VPC5-700DNE day/night camera that will be ideal for their needs. Perhaps we’ll speak with them in another 20 years when they next look for an upgrade!”

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