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VIVOTEK introduces advanced video content analysis solutions

11th Sep 2014

Norbain is pleased to announce that VIVOTEK has launched its first video content analysis (VCA) application package. The introduction of this new VCA application package follows the debut of the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP), an open platform for integrating video analytic functionality within its cameras. Now, the VCA package can analyse data directly on a camera to provide solutions for business applications, in addition to traditional security use cases.

Key features of VIVOTEK’s VCA include:

Field Detection
This allows users to define a zone in the field of view for automated monitoring. Whenever a person or object either enters or leaves this zone, the event is automatically detected, and notification is sent to the video management server or other back-end infrastructure.

Line Crossing
Used to set up a virtual line within the camera’s field of view, this feature enables an event to be detected when a person or object crosses the line. VIVOTEK’s implementation of this feature detects line crossing from either the left or the right, or from either direction at once.

In addition to obvious security applications, the Field Detection and Line Crossing Detection could be used to demarcate a zone in the field of view corresponding to an area in physical space where access is restricted.

Object Counting
Object counting is particularly valuable for retail applications, providing quantitative data on variables such as in-store traffic and shopper behaviour, as well as for transport-related applications, where the function can be used to track the number of passengers, vehicles, and so forth. Software accessing the precise numerical data provided by the Object Counting algorithm can then provide a reliable basis for users to make business decisions, improve service, increase operational efficiency, perform in-depth analysis, and more.

These three key functions help to improve the customer experience, adjust staffing levels, or determine sales conversion rates, among many other possibilities. The full VIVOTEK video content analysis suite, including Field Detection, Line Crossing Detection, and Object Counting modules, is available on VIVOTEK’s static MD8562 IP67 dome, FE8174/74V, and FE8173 360o fisheye cameras.

For more information, please contact Tim Field, VIVOTEK Business Development Executive for Norbain, on 0118 912 5128 or