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Norbain offers new PoE UPS power save module from Elmdene

9th Sep 2015

10th September 2015, Reading UK

Norbain is pleased to be able to offer customers the new POE-PSM-4 from Elmdene. The device allows the installer to reduce a PoE switch’s UPS power/capacity requirement or increase the UPS standby time on a mains failure occurring.

When providing standby power for a PoE switch using a 240VAC UPS, it is often difficult to achieve the required battery back-up times due to the UPS having to power all connected devices when a mains failure occurs. Elmdene’s new POE-PSM-4 is a unique device designed to overcome this issue.  When mains fails, it automatically disconnects pre-selected (non-critical) PoE channels, allowing either an extended battery backup period for the critical channels or a reduction in the required UPS battery capacity (saving cost).

Peter Long, Elmdene’s Technical Manager, comments: “POE-PSM-4 devices are ideal for large camera systems where not all cameras may be deemed ‘critical’ within an installation. If there is a requirement to reach a sufficient backup period on a mains failure occurring it would often need a large capacity UPS to back up all channels on a PoE switch for a reasonable period. Using POE-PSM-4 devices will automatically disconnect ‘non-critical’ pre-set channels on a mains failure, triggered either by a volt-free contact or a low voltage signal. Once power is restored all channels are automatically re-instated again without any user intervention”.

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