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How the Secure by Default initiative is impacting the security industry

25th Feb 2020

The effects of cybercrime have been widely publicised in recent times and there have been a number of very high-profile cases where vulnerabilities in security systems have been exploited. With technology progressing at such a rapid rate, it’s vital that everyone understands how to design products and systems that are resilient to attack – right from the word go. Recognising the need to ensure the UK’s resilience against all forms of cyber security vulnerability, the government introduced the Secure by Default scheme.

Secure by Default aims to make participating manufacturers more responsible for designing networked systems that can be installed securely, helping to combat cybercrime, and ensuring that the video surveillance industry is working to the highest possible standards.

Norbain has been working with Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner, from the start, bringing together leading manufacturers in the industry to discuss the issues and what needs to be done to address them.

To help explain what the initiative is all about, we’ve created a series of short videos involving the key advisers for the scheme and the manufacturers involved its development.

Roundtable Discussion

In this first video, Tony is joined by colleagues Alex Carmichael – Chief Executive SSAIB, Mike Gillespie – Managing Director of Advent IM, and Buzz Coates – IP Projects Manager at Norbain.

Here they discuss why the scheme was introduced, how it’s being received in the industry and what it means for manufacturers who want to get involved.

Watch roundtable discussion

Manufacturer Videos

Hear from the leading manufacturers that have been involved with the scheme from the very start. Find out why they think it’s so important, what their responsibilities are, and how they see the industry developing.

Watch Axis video

Watch Hanwha video

Watch Hikvision video

Watch Milestone video

You can find out more about the scheme and the benefits for manufacturers, installers and end-users alike here on the Norbain website. Or check out the latest updates on the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s web resource area.