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Public Viewing Monitors: A solution to decreasing crime in business

21st Jun 2019

Public View Monitors (PVMs) act as a visual deterrent that can reduce unwanted behaviours, whilst creating a trusted environment for customers and staff. If someone walks in front of a PVM, it triggers the in-built camera and shows the individual live footage of themselves. A warning message also tells the individual that their actions are being monitored, thereby helping to reduce issues such as theft.

The monitors are already being used to great effect in the retail industry, with significant increases in profits being reported.


Vista public view monitor solution and problem infographic



Where you can use PVMs?

PVMs can be used in all types of businesses, but in case you're struggling to see how they can benefit you, here are some suggestions: 


To reduce tailgating in gyms

Tailgating refers an unauthorised individual following an authorised customer into the gym when they are going through barriers. Due to individuals getting through free of charge, gyms lose out on revenue and increase their costs. Such costs include potential theft, vandalism, mistreated equipment and physical threat to others.

By incorporating a PVM at the barriers, prospective tailgaters would be discouraged as they know they are being watched and recorded. Staff can also review the footage at any time to highlight offenders and take any necessary action.


Ensuring health & safety is met in laboratories

Labs with clean rooms rightly have very strict rules around washing hands according to company procedure before entering. As well as being essential to maintaining a sterile environment, companies need to ensure that their health and safety standards are being both effectively communicated and adhered to. PVMs can be used in washrooms to show videos on how to correctly wash hands, warn the individuals that they're being recorded, and show them live footage of them washing themselves.


Preventing buddy punching in the offices and other places of work

Buddy punching is the phenomenon whereby employees clock in for their co-workers when they aren’t working or finish early, costing businesses millions. A whopping 75% of companies lose money from buddy punching and employees reported stealing roughly 4.5 hours per week which accounts for approximately 2.2% of gross payrolls.

To prevent business costs from buddy punching, a PVM can be used where the clock is or at the entrance, to monitor who comes and goes and at what time. These results can be compared to time sheets.

Of course, these are not the only uses, and PVMs can be used in almost any application, including in retail stores to prevent shoplifting, hotel or school lobbies to display information, along with police stations and hospitals where they can be a safeguarding measure.


PVM applications - retail, gym and officesVista VK2 public view monitors available from  Norbain

Norbain can now offer Vista’s range of VK2 Public View Monitors, benefiting from a modern design with either in-built, high resolution cameras or an in-built 16-channel IP camera decoder. Vista’s range help to discourage unwanted behaviour, provide additional revenue opportunities through supplier adverts and enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, for all the scenarios listed above, Vista's PVMs can also display a warning message such as: "you are being being recorded."





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