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A solution to reducing self-checkout theft in supermarkets

17th Jun 2019

The introduction of self-checkouts in 2009 was set to see improvements in customer shopping experiences and a reduction in the cost of labour needed to man tills.

Although retailers and customers alike have enjoyed many benefits since the introduction of this new technology, it has resulted in an increase in shoplifting and, in the UK alone, is costing supermarkets a whopping £3.2 billion annually.

Preventing the theft of goods by customers at self-checkouts

There are a number or ways in which supermarkets can reduce the amount of goods stolen at self-checkout tills. One in which is by using public viewing monitors.

A public viewing monitor, or PVM for short, is a small screen that sits just above the self-checkout till and displays a live image of the customer as they pack and purchase their goods. This reminds the customer that they are being monitored and can, therefore, discourage any unwanted behaviour.


Vista public viewing monitor - building awareness and changing behaviours


The Benefits of using public view monitors at self-checkouts


Reduces shrinkage in supermarkets

Shrinkage is the process of inventory getting smaller and businesses losing money as a result. This can be caused in many different ways.The most common form of shrinkage is shoplifting. In fact, shoplifting makes up 36% of shrinkage within supermarkets.

Supermarkets using public view monitors on self-checkouts have seen shrinkage cut in half.


Prevents theft

Having PVMs above your self-checkout tills will encourage customers to think twice about their actions. Public view monitors will show live footage of themselves to the customer, reminding them that they are being recorded. This can deter both opportunistic and organised theft and ensure that all shopping is correctly paid for.

Now, you may think this is quite invasive. I can assure you, it's not. Public viewing monitors will not be able to see card details when paying by card and are not in place to track customer buying habits. They are simply there to deter shoplifting and protect the profits of the supermarket. 


Improves customer experience

How can a monitor recording customers improve experiences at the supermarket? 

Well, public viewing monitors help to build a trusted and safe environment for customers and employees. This doesn't just mean protecting the profits of the supermarket but reassures customers that they are in a safe environment, should any unwanted behaviour occur. The monitors can also be used to show adverts on special offers or promotions, and so allow them to make the most informed decisions whilst shopping.


Increase in supermarket profits

Supermarkets lose a substantial amount of money per year on replacing inventory that has been stolen. This money could go towards something more beneficial, such as improving the car park, building new facilities such as a cafe or it could go towards bringing in better brands. Again, this comes back to enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

Public viewing monitors can help to reduce shoplifting at self-checkouts by 50% and increase profits by 30%. That could save supermarkets across the UK hundreds of millions of pound every year!


Introducing Vista's VK2 PVM range

Vista have recently announced the release of their new VK2 Public viewing monitor range with their goal being to "build awareness and change behaviours." 

The VK2 range goes above and beyond your standard display monitor, with features that work with you to combat common self check-out crimes.



Vista PVM solution and problem infographic



How Vista PVM can prevent & reduce supermarket shrinkage

Vista's PVMs can range from 10" to 32" and have numerous functionalities, including: split screen, custom warning messages, PoE and recording.These functionalities can work together to protect supermarket profits and help to build trust between businesses and their customers, encouraging a boost in profits for supermarkets and a positive experience for customers.

The range has been tried and tested within the retail market and clients have reported a 50% reduction in shrinkage and a 30% increase in profits.

These statistics show that already, Vista are making a positive impact for clients integrating the new technology. 


A step forward for security in supermarkets

If this is something you think your business would find beneficial, why not:

We're happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how the PVM range can help you reduce theft and increase profits.