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Secure Logiq

Specialised Server Technology for HD Surveillance

Since 2011 Secure Logiq have been developing the missing piece of the HD surveillance jigsaw, servers, workstations and client machines specifically designed for HD surveillance. A new concept in the surveillance industry, our team of technical experts have over 150 years of both IP CCTV and server experience and boasts respected thought leaders from both the HD Surveillance and IT hardware industries.

Building hardware from the ground up in London, UK, in just a short space of time Secure Logiq have become the world’s leading independent manufacturer of servers, workstations and client machines optimised for HD Surveillance and Video Analytics applications.

Secure Logiq’s company ethos is based on four core principles – to provide the Fastest Performance, the Biggest Storage, the Most Resilience and the Best Value in HD video processing, viewing and storage technology.

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If your project involves the processing, display, storage or analysis of IP video, that’s exactly what we do, it’s all we do. At Secure Logiq our team of experts and thought leaders in both IP Surveillance and IT have created innovative solutions for saving money, power and rackspace whilst offering performance and resilience to your projects giving you a competitive advantage on your proposals.

With our entry level server technology starting with double the throughput of commercially available IP CCTV standards, Secure Logiq servers have been specifically optimised to efficiently handle multiple streams of HD video data – up to 4000 Mbps on a single server

Secure Logiq have worked extensively with industry leading VMS manufacturers to remove the limitations traditionally restricting server throughput creating the most powerful HD Video Servers available on the market today.

Utilising only enterprise components, Secure Logiq fully redundant server solutions are hand-made in the UK to strict quality standards. We understand the mission-critical nature of high-end Surveillance systems so for your peace of mind all Secure Logiq servers come with redundant power supplies, battery backed RAID, Operating System on SSD and advanced hardware RAID arrays with hot swap drives as standard.

As an additional layer of resilience all Enterprise product ships with Logiqal Healthcheck Pro, our in-house, free, health monitoring and alerting utility.

Pound-per-Terabyte we simply cannot be beaten on price yet we offer the highest quality, most technically advanced servers available in the CCTV industry today.

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