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D-Link helps you connect to more of everything with our innovative approach to computer networking. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown over the last 30 years into an exciting global brand offering not only the latest network solutions, including cloud managed and industrial networking, down to a full solution for working from home

Whether it is for the home, business or service provider we pride ourselves on offering award winning products and services. We will continue to lead the way in building networks for people around the world.

D-Link are experts in switches, Industrial products, routers, Wi-Fi, 4G/5G and have a complete portfolio of accessories, such as USB hubs and wireless dongles.

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What Are D-Link Industrial Ethernet Switches?

D-Link Industrial Ethernet Switches have primarily the same necessary technological capabilities as standard Ethernet switches, but they’re built to higher standards in terms of connection reliability (enabled a backup power supply) and redundancy (through our Rapid-Recovery Ring architecture) than standard Ethernet switches, while also being ruggedised for deployment in harsher environments, such as those often encountered around industrial facilities, or in situations that are not climate controlled, such as outdoor cabinets.


D-Link Industrial Ethernet Switches are built to tolerate harsher conditions than most standard switches in terms of temperature, dust, lightning strike, vibration, corrosion, electromagnetic interference, and even impact (so it can withstand a fall from a potential failed mounting).


The abovementioned tolerances mean that special climate-controlled spaces don’t need to be built or in-place to house these switches. They can be installed in areas that industrial facilities are likely to already have, such as electrical closets, and mounted onto common local architectural elements, such as wall railings. With Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capabilities on specific models, these switches can be used to power devices such as cameras, VoIP phones, and Wi-Fi Access Points, facilitating their deployment in areas where they might lack access to a standard wall socket.


Ethernet networking enables a higher degree of redundancy than older proprietary Industrial standards allow. Standard Ethernet switches employ Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) architecture for redundant failover, which can re-route network transmission in the event of a failure in 50 milliseconds.

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