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The MultiHaul™ TG system marks the release of Siklu’s 3rd generation point to multipoint 60GHz products, with Terragraph certification. The solution consists of Nodes operating over millimetre waves in a redundant mesh topology which connect a suite of Terminal Units (TU). The MultiHaul™ TG family of products brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of available spectrum - to an easy to deploy solution with the addition of L2 SDN mesh, enabled by Siklu’s SmartHaul™ Runner application, for stress-free coverage extension and multi-path reliability. MultiHaul™ TG Node, N366, is the ideal solution for scalable deployments across neighbourhoods and business environments. - Topologies: Point to Point, Point to Multi-point, Self-Backhaul L2 SDN Mesh. - Frequency & Duplexing: 57-66GHz, TDD/TDMA. 4 channels. - Channel Bandwidth, Modulation & Adaptive Coding, TPC: 2160MHz, BPSK to QAM16, up to 10 levels of hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation – boost gain by over 29dB. Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC), per link. - Radio OTA Rate (over the air) / Throughput: OTA up to 4,600 Mbps per sector/ Throughput > 3,800 Mbps per sector (> 16Gbps per node). - System Gain (link budget): 110dB (Node to Node/TU, including antenna gain). - Sector(s): 4x 90° sector, for 360° coverage, any sector on any channel. Horizontal scanning: 90° per sector, Vertical scanning: 50°. - Network synchronization: On-board GPS - Interfaces: 3 ports: 1x RJ-45 10/5/2.5/1GbE with PoE-In, 1x RJ-45 1GbE with PoE-Out (35W), 1x SFP+ 10GbE.
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Technology IP
Ethernet Transmission Options Wireless
Range Siklu MultiHaul Series
Part Number MH-N366-CCP-PoE-MWB
Brand Siklu Communication
Category Peripherals, Ethernet Transmission